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Peace Of Mind For Your Smart Home Technology

Dependable Technology Support Services When You Need It

Even the best smart home technology systems can encounter hiccups. We aim to streamline your experience and provide steadfast support for any interruptions. With solutions ranging from remote system monitoring and troubleshooting to simple, user-friendly system resets, our support network is designed to cover all bases in your Los Angeles or Malibu-area home in Southern California.

Enjoy your exclusive benefits

Remote monitoring and repair services: ensuring seamless operation and swift troubleshooting for your home technology systems.
Remote Monitoring Services & Repair
We can access and often rectify system issues remotely, minimizing the need for in-person service calls in your Calabasas-area home.
Access a user-friendly mobile app for independent resolution of standard system issues, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
Gain access to a user-friendly mobile app that empowers you to resolve many standard system issues independently.
Our support team is available 24/7, offering assistance tailored to your preferences and needs.
Our support team is on hand around the clock, ready to assist you in the way that suits you best.
Discounted support service call rates: save on professional assistance for your home technology needs.
Discounted Support Service Call Rates
Should a service call be necessary, whether in the Malibu area or beyond, you can benefit from our preferential customer service rates.

The operational status of your network-connected devices.

The functionality of connected AV equipment and lighting systems, subject to manufacturer specifications.

The status of your internet connection, along with performance metrics like upload and download speeds.

Get Wired Tec is constantly monitoring your system for optimization
Troubleshooting network device issues, including streaming service errors.

What's Beyond Our Scope

We're unable to monitor the quality of audio/video output.

Issues specific to apps or services on connected network devices, such as streaming service errors.

Monitoring of non-tech items or living beings is not part of our service... yet.

Select your monthly subscription

  • Proactive Care For Your Technology Systems

    Benefit from our vigilant system monitoring, where we proactively identify and solve issues often before they impact you.

  • Reactive Remote Monitoring Services & Repair

    Should you encounter any issues, we're prepared to remotely access and often repair your system without the need for a service call in the Calabasas area or beyond.

  • 24/7 Digital And Phone Support

    Whatever your preferred communication method—email, text, chat, or phone—we're available 24/7.

  • Priority Service & Preferred Rates

    Receive priority scheduling for service visits and enjoy a 10% discount on labor rates, with next-day service for urgent issues.

Get in touch to discover how our monthly plans can keep your home technology running smoothly.

2225 First St # 105, Simi Valley, CA 93065
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5
Phone: (888) 498-7761 

Get Wired Tec BBB Business Review

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