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Pool & Spa Control

Effortless Pool Management: Enhance Your Home with Tailored Solutions

Ultimate Pool Management

Transform your pool management with advanced home automation solutions. Our pool control systems integrate seamlessly with your smart home setup, offering convenience and efficiency at your fingertips. From adjusting water temperature and filtration schedules to monitoring water quality remotely, enjoy complete control and peace of mind. Enhance your aquatic experience with customized settings that cater to your lifestyle, ensuring your pool is always ready for relaxation and enjoyment. Discover the ease and luxury of smart pool control today.

Key Benefits

Achieving effective pool & spa control solutions requires a deep understanding of integrating with existing pool systems through home automation
  • 1

    Control your pool and spa settings remotely from your smartphone or with voice commands, making it easy to adjust temperature, lighting, and jets without leaving your seat.

  • 2
    Energy Efficiency

    Automated scheduling and optimized settings help reduce energy consumption by ensuring your pool and spa operate only when needed, saving you money on utility bills.

  • 3
    Enhanced Safety

    Monitor and maintain water quality and temperature levels remotely, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone using the pool and spa.

  • 4
    User-Friendly Interface:

    Enjoy intuitive interfaces and mobile apps that make it easy for anyone in the household to manage and enjoy the pool and spa, fostering a more enjoyable overall experience.

Enhance Your Home With Pool & Spa Control

Enjoy the many features of home automation where convenience, efficiency, and comfort converge seamlessly in your daily life.
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1940 14th St. Santa Monica, CA 90404
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5
Phone: (888) 498-7761 

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